“Before the Tome” Teaser Video Progress

Hi folks, a quick update on progress with our preview video. We have shot 75% of the footage required. Two of the 3 scenes have been assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro and are ready for colour correction and audio mastering. Half of the remaining scene (interview responses from our biomolecular researcher Associate Professor Bronwyn Gallagher) is already shot – we just need footage from our news anchors to provide the questions she responds to.

I’d like to thank everyone involved so far in the production of “Before the Tome” – the final name for our preview video. In the case of actors, this means:

  • David Clark, a real trooper, who has been a passionate supporter of the project, and did a great job as Premier Mike Sherwood.
  • Peter Mitchell, who delivered a couple of nuanced and super-professional takes when we were time-crunched for location access.
  • Veronica Constance for doing such a great job as our scientist Bronwyn Gallagher. After two quick run-throughs and I have enough to cut into our footage of our news anchors.
  • Najib Melky and Melissa Evans, our intrepid media-scrum front row, who did a great job delivering lines in a largely improvised setting. “Jibby” and “Mel” will return in the main Tomekeepers production in very important roles.
  • Chad McMartin and Ginnette Kovarik, who did a superb job as our body-guards. They were officious, no-nonsense and entirely professional. Nobody would possibly know that the lines they delivered were improvised on the spot… until now. J Nice work both of you!
  • Pooya Mahootchi, for his enthusiasm at not only being a back-rower in our media scrum, but for press-ganging a couple of his friends into helping out as well. They all did really well. Hopefully they’ll get a bit of a buzz from seeing themselves in the final product.
  • Damian Lyons and Stephen Jeffrey for helping to round out our “press gang”, and doing so patiently and enthusiastically. Special props go out to Damian’s daughter for being so well behaved, and even helping out as a junior assistant grip. J

As well as those good people, I also need to acknowledge the fine work of Matt Roberts – a local Adelaide cinematographer, who provided excellent quality double-coverage on our politicians – and Lucy Bridge-du Barry, who was very helpful in getting set up and stepped down so quickly for the big announcement scene with our politicians, and for offering to help out where she can on ongoing development of the series from the “writing room”. I look forward to working more with both of you in the future!

And finally – a huge shout out to Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Stephen Yarwood for making the Lord Mayor’s office available to us for shooting last Wednesday. Thanks so much for supporting indie film-making in Adelaide and providing an awesome setting for our big show-piece scene.

One final “in advance” shout out goes to Andrei Gostin at UniSA’s Magill campus Media Studies unit for being open to what we’re trying to achieve with the Tomekeepers and for offering his support, especially for our final preview shoot next week. I look forward to meeting Andrei in person and getting some great footage in the can.