Field Days

So… Chameleons as a title is dead. The story has morphed into something where our characters are literally more fixed, but the characters are stronger as a result. I’d love to get constructive feedback on what follows. The new working title is “Field Days”.

Field Days is a “nano-punk” sci-fi feature length story set in the very near future.

Here’s the synopsis….

“Field Days” is the story of Candice Johnson,an ambitious young field journalist whose advancement is only held back by the lack of a vacancy in Australia’s major news desks.  Candice complains to her agent, who sets up a meeting with media mogul Carl Brandt. Candice is offered the notoriety she craves as the news industry’s first dedicated Field Anchor, anchoring her own show from the world’s hottest hot-spots, where she reports on the human stories in those locations, and also crosses to other journalists from her live location. Brandt gives her an “inoculation” – a variant of a new medical nanotechnology product supposed to prevent any permanent damage should she find herself in harm’s way. After a number of on-air injuries arising from being a westerner in a dangerous place – all of which is great for the ratings – Candice finds herself starting to have dizzy spells, seizures and collapses on air.

Candice wakes in a hospital back in Adelaide under the care of Orville Braithwaite, who turns out to be the inventor of the medical nanotech that Brandt’s “inoculation” is based on. As Orville fills her in on what’s gone wrong, Candice is furious – not only at Brandt’s irresponsibility, but at the fact that it turns out that his nanotech is stolen. She recruits Orville’s help in taking Brandt to task. In negotiations with Brandt to return to work, she seeks to glean information from Brandt’s right hand man, Pete Williams, with whom she inveigles herself with support from Orville’s team. She tries to convince him to identify the traitor in Orville’s company who supplied Brandt’s team with the ability to modify Orville’s tech. Williams feeds her disinformation, focused on return her to the field, partly to serve Brandt’s interests, and also to protect Candice, with whom he is becoming infatuated.

Orville calls in some favours and his team uncovers the identity of Brandt’s spy. Candice helps set up their opportunity to confront Brandt, who along with Williams and the traitor spring a trap, which Candice is offered the option of escaping. Ultimately this choice is between the hollow glory of celebrity, and her true motivation for fame – a desire for human connection. Williams and Orville’s traitor are wildcards in the final confrontation, which in turn leads to a dark note foreshadowing events in the Tomekeepers TV Show timeline.