The Tomekeepers is a science fiction cross-media high concept near-future drama that examines the value of knowledge in the wake of a global catastrophe. The television series aspect of this project will follow the parallel tales of a pair of twenty-somethings as they each take their own path through the rapidly evolving situation that has emerged since a human-synthesized bio-weapon has wiped out most of the earth’s population. A few geographically remote or otherwise less travelled locations have been able to quarantine themselves from the plague’s effects and are doing what they can to go from simply surviving to thriving.

A core theme of the Tomekeepers Milieu is the attitude of different factions within the milieu to information and knowledge. Some feel that all knowledge should be publicly available for the good of all. Others view knowledge as a commodity with economic value and seek to exploit it for their own ends. More secretive groups take a more furtive attitude to knowledge in their care – they believe that their knowledge should be concealed and protected in order to protect their own interests and/or the broader social good.

There is another theme that will resonate clearly through the Tomekeepers project – that of the relationship between politics, media, technology and the day-to-day realities that their interplay creates in an individual sense, both for politicians, journalists, business people and ordinary individuals. Drawing from sources like The West Wing, The Newsroom, The Shadow Men, Clarke and Dawe, Rake and many others, examining these institutions in moments of extremis should provide opportunities for interesting and illuminating explorations of the human condition – not only from an individual perspective, but also looking at organisational dynamics and the tolerance of the broader community to what constitutes an emergency situation.

Tomekeepers started out as an idea for a video game back in 2001. The idea has come a long way since then, and is now focused primarily on TV and film productions. Another concept called Chameleons (initially developed as an idea for a novel) has been merged into the Tomekeepers continuity milieu and is now being scripted as a feature length prequel movie which subtly sets up the circumstances for the main Tomekeepers series. The technology fundamental to both projects has been modified so that they are now compatible with each other from a story-telling perspective. A third idea for a novel sits neatly within the Tomekeepers Milieu – again as a prequel, although this is set more in the here and now, and while its action has global reach, it will be less sci-fi and more of a cyber-crime thriller. That project has a working title of M43str0.

We hope you find this blog to be a useful resource for navigating the Tomekeeper’s Milieu. If this excites you as much as it does those of us already elbow deep in writing and production, please follow us on Google+ or FaceBook. If you want to get involved, join our Tomekeepers Supporters Group on Facebook and tell us how you want to contribute. This project is currently operating on a “passion” basis. We have little or no money for production. However, we do want to get the Tomekeepers onto a commercial footing one day, and we will be making sure that all of our early supporters are recompensed for any time or resources they contribute while we’re still trying to get our vision out to a large enough audience that will attract genuine commercial interest.

That’s all for now. Welcome to the Corps!

Jeremy Huppatz
Producer/Creator – The Tomekeepers

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