Field Days

So… Chameleons as a title is dead. The story has morphed into something where our characters are literally more fixed, but the characters are stronger as a result. I’d love to get constructive feedback on what follows. The new working title is “Field Days”.

Field Days is a “nano-punk” sci-fi feature length story set in the very near future.

Here’s the synopsis….

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Hi folks,

A quick update.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been at a bit of a stand-still with the writing thanks to a bit of a mental health glitch. On the downside, it’s been a bit disruptive with respect to productivity.  On the upside, it’s offered me some insights into the mental state of one of the characters in the Tomekeepers TV series who is currently scheduled to start going into a major depressive episode starting at around episode 5 of the series.  Unlike me, she’ll come back to herself with a transcendent ability before being dragged back into the pit, only to rise again as a personage of dark power.  Unlike her, I will be enjoying the fruits of modern pharmaceuticals to help smooth out the peaks and troughs, and I can’t kill people with my mind.

On a separate note, I recently attended the New Screenmakers Conference put on by the Media Resource Centre at Mercury cinema.  One of the speakers – Allan Palmer (who blogs about screen writing at did a couple of sessions which have made me think very seriously about discarding about ten pages worth of the Chameleons feature screenplay and go back to the planning stage to double check my work.  Between cogitating on Allan’s talks and reading Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid, I’ve been carving a deeper and truer story out of the monolith that was originally going to top out at over a hundred pages, so it’s now starting to look like closer to ninety.  It hurts throwing work away.  But it’s better to do that than to leave the work overburdened with heavy-handed exposition which doesn’t even relate to the protagonist of the story.  On the upside, this will mean that some of the spoilers for the Tomekeepers TV series will be less obvious, so perhaps that will lead to a few repeat viewings and a bit more buzz around the TV show.

Watch this space.  More updates to follow!


One of the guiding principles of this project is that it to be by the sci-fi community and for the sci-fi community.  With that in mind, I have a quick question for you all.  Are there any conventions of note that you’d like us to have a presence at?  Now that there’s a few people out there who are engaging on a regular basis, we want to make sure that you’re getting the information you want, when you want it.  As alternatives to conventions, what would be the level of interest in a semi-regular Google+ Hangout or Hang With session?  At what point of pre-production or production would you like us to start this level of engagement?

The current work in progress – a quick summary.

For those of you who are interested, the piece I’m currently writing is part of the TV series canon, but is not strictly speaking part of the TV series itself.  I do have a place in the series 1 outline where I could tell this story, splitting into 2 or 3 episodes – or even interspersing a couple of scenes per episode through the first season of the TV series, but I think it needs to be created and scripted as a standalone feature-length movie.

The basic idea of the story (without too many spoilers) is that it outlines the history of the co-founders of Braithwaite Bio-Med (genius nano-technologist Orville Braithwaite, supported by Mike Sherwood on the money side) through the first public release of Asclepius, then diverges into a Faustian bargain in which a young journalist is offered her greatest desire.  When the devil comes a-knocking, Orville helps her turn the situation around and puts her back in control of her own destiny.

Core themes are the use and abuse of nano-technology and new models of capitalism being used with world-changing results.

“About” updated

Hi folks,

I’ve just updated the “About” page with some more contemporary information about the Tomekeepers project.  It should give you a good idea of where we’re at right now and where we now think we’re headed.


Jeremy Huppatz
Tomekeepers Producer/Creator

Why so quiet?

Hi folks,

I owe you all an apology and an explanation as to why things have gone dark for a while. I thought I had a job which was going to go some way towards making it possible to invest some of my own earnings into producing the first episode or two. Unfortunately that job fell through, and took a big chunk of my self-esteem with it. I have since been in a pretty serious funk from which I am only now starting to drag myself upwards and out.

It hasn’t helped that most of the people who had offered to help out with the writing have been going through their own crises or moved on to other projects, but the ball ultimately stops with me, so mea culpa – I’m sorry I dropped the ball. There are a few logistical issues which are making the possibility of a full 10 episode run an unlikely goal. As such, I’ll be looking to consolidate the first two episodes into a feature-length production which we can shoot more feasibly and present to networks as a sample of what we’re capable of.

For those who have made donations via the IndieGoGo campaign, I’m happy to provide refunds. However, if you’re willing to be patient, I’m still committed to the Tomekeepers Project – the only thing that will change is the number of shooting scripts and the delivery dates for the rewards purchased.

Touch base with me via facebook PM if you’re one of the people this applies to and I’ll sort out the details with you. 🙂

Again – sorry for the lack of communication over the last few weeks. Look forward to more timeley updates in the not too distant future.